Creating synergies is our purpose. The idea of synergies has long been described as the recognition that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. This idea, simple as it is, has firstly been outlined by Aristotle on his Metaphysics. While defining the concept of whole, he mentioned that the whole is a unity. The parts cannot make a unity. Hence, the whole will always have something else that the parts do not have. We want our firm to be an institution, greater than ourselves.

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

To achieve that goal, PGLaw consciously opted to break with some walls that kept law firms from generating synergies among lawyers, with their clients and with society as a whole. Internally, we broke the division between the legal and administrative staff, so that we could exchange thoughts and impressions, share experience and knowledge.
ur lawyers understand the administrative demands, and our administrative staff understands the demands of legal work. We achieved that goal by having open spaces in our offices for all members of the firm. With that we achieved the first step towards fomenting synergies, which is to have internal cohesion. The second step is to adopt a different approach towards our clients. We do not detach ourselves from our clients, we do not put ourselves in the position of an external advisor. We want to understand their business. We hold meetings at their offices. Our lawyers are divided by clients, not by expertise. Our independence comes from knowledge about our clients needs, not from distance. We envision ourselves as part of our clients´ legal department, committing ourselves to their success, and adopting the safest and most widespread communication technologies to bridge the distance between all involved. We do not provide services for them. We provide services with them. The third step is to become integrated into our community, becoming a full part of the academic community where our offices are located, providing strategic pro bono work, and making sure that we provide groundbreaking legal services.
We were the first law firm specialized in corporate governance in Brazil, the first to provide services on business and human rights, the first to provide consumer compliance programs. With our work, we aim at adding value to our clients and to society, becoming a source for legal change and not only trailing legislative transformation. Those are ambitious objectives. But having them defines who we are, what we believe, keeps us together, and is the beginning of all the success that we strive for.